First Time in 150 Years: Blue Moon, Supermoon and Lunar Eclipse All At Once

January 24, 2018

First Time in 150 Years: Blue Moon, Supermoon and Lunar Eclipse All At Once

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For the first time in over 150 years in the Western Hemisphere, a blue moon, a supermoon, and a lunar eclipse will converge next week.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • A Supermoon, when a full moon appears larger and brighter due to its distance. The moon is just under 239,000 miles away from Earth; it can reach approximately 17,000 miles closer to Earth when it’s a Supermoon.
  • A Blue Moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. This may not sound like a phenom to some, but to put it into perspective, the last Blue Moon occurred in July of 2015.
  • A Total Lunar Eclipse occurs when the moon is covered by Earth’s shadow.

Luckily, all 50 states will be able to experience this spacial anomaly. If you’re planning to stay up or wake up, here’s what you can expect:

  • This will occur from the night of Tuesday, January 30th to the predawn hours of Wednesday, January 31st.
  • The moon will appear normal for most of the night but will become a reddish orange color in the early hours of January 31st. This change occurs due to the moon passing through the shadow of the Earth.
  • Tuesday night forecasts mostly clear skies across the Southwest and East Coast, giving prime viewing conditions. While the South and Pacific Northwest to the Great Lakes should expect disruptive clouds.

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